Deep Vee Ultrasonic Diffuser
Deep Vee Ultrasonic Diffuser

Deep Vee Ultrasonic Diffuser

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In this era, computers and laptops are devices that couldn't be less in our lives. With our improved technology, any data we want is just a few clicks away. At the same time, these devices are imposing small damages to us in a day-by-day basis, including radiation and dust from computers.

With our Deep Vee Ultrasonic Diffuser, you can finally enjoy a dust-free environment, as this diffuser will slowly emit aroma of your preference. It  cleans up the air, absorbing the dust and radiation, leaving the best for your surroundings. Besides that, it emits water vapour too, keeping your skin humid at all times, avoid dry skins. With the correct essential oil used, you can feel less tired and more focused as you work / study.


Coverage: 10-20m2
Function: Diffuse & Humidify
Water Volume: 300mL
Work Time: 2-8 hours
Out-of-Water Auto-Stop: Yes
Adaptor: USB
Noise: Below 36dB
Voltage: 5V
Watt: 5W
Color: Brown
LED Light: Yes

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