This Revolutionary Device Can INSTANTLY Reduce Headaches, Migraines & Anxiety (100% Pure & Natural)

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Thanks to the recent pandemic outbreak, it is extremely hard to book a Doctor for my constant headaches and migraines. I couldn't sleep for days, until I finally found "SoothOil Zen Pack"...

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By Nurul Hafizah
Published on January 23, 2020
Last Updated: April 2, 2020

For the last 20 years, I have been suffering from frequent episodes of migraine each lasting about four days, and lived in anticipation of her next attack.

Especially during this MCO, I was forced to take unpaid leaves as my company was badly impacted, with all this financial stresses, my migraines became more and more severe, up to the point where I was could only sleep 3 hours everyday, ever since MCO started.

"Amazingly, Within The First Hour, My Migraine Was Gone..."

The thing is, normal medicines don't work. Doctors will just tell me to take Panadol lah, Aspirin lah.. Those are substances that will harm our body.

So, I've come to rely on an ever-increasing array of natural treatments. But since I can't spend my entire life at an acupuncture appointment, I wanted to find a remedy that is natural and easy to use, in my office or at home.

So, I tested this brand called "SoothOil Zen Pack", they have recently launched a "Zen Series for Migraine".

I cannot believe it. Amazingly, within the first hour, my migraine was gone...

First Look On SoothOil Zen Pack

The "Zen Series" comes with a state-of-the-art diffuser, and eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil, etc.

Just see for yourself, the diffuser is designed to not only purify the air you breathe, it also diffuses the mist in the most elegant way ever, like a water fountain!

How It Works

Simply fill the device with some water, add a few drops of SoothOil's special eucalyptus essential oils, then turn on the switch to enjoy a great day.

The essential oils which are included in this pack is:

A: Zen Basics (1 diffuser & 1 essential oil)
- Essential Oils: Eucalyptus

B: Zen Advanced (1 diffuser & 3 essential oil)
- Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, & Ginger

C: Zen Plus (1 diffuser & 6 essential oil & Chakra bracelet)
- Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Ginger, Rose Geranium, Lemongrass, & Stress Away

Once the diffuser starts diffusing these oils into your air, you will inhale the healing properties from the essential oils into your body and lungs, which will immediately provide you with relaxation and comfort. Talk more about how it reacts with the body.

Is SoothOil "Zen Series" Really Safe To Use?

I learned that SoothOil uses 100% pure and natural essential oils. All their oils are NAHA approved and was awarded the Best Spa Award in 2019.

Unlike other treatments, instead of taking some dangerous medicines, SoothOil Zen Pack treats your migraine by surrounding your environment with healing particles, which is completely safe even with your baby or children around.

All you need to do, is turn it on when you start getting slight headaches, or when you feel your eyes are becoming too tight.

Besides, the water fountain mist look really soothing when you turn it on.


The SoothOil Zen Pack costs only from RM179 each, which I find reasonable when compared to other essential oil brands which are all charging too high for the same product.

Verdict on SoothOil™ Zen Pack

SoothOil™ Zen Pack has become a daily essential part of my life in just a month. There have been many other essential oil brands out there and claimed to eliminate migraine. I have tried plenty of them but none were giving good results as SoothOil Zen Pack.

SoothOil Zen Pack is just in a different class altogether and I’m really glad I have this migraine tool to keep me always stress-free & happy in my daily life.

Contribution from our readers.

Some of our readers have shared their experience after using SoothOil Zen Pack for a week.

Intan Ashawal

"Everytime I feel my forehead heavy or my eyes a bit tight I will turn on Zen Plus, then my migraine will not appear! It works really well for me!

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Azri Ahmah

"I have not had migraine every since I started using Zen Advanced since 2 months ago, I just turn it on every day when I go to sleep. The water fountain mist is also really cool looking!

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Jared Lim

"SoothOil is AMAZING. I followed their advice to buy the Euccalyptus oil and used it with the diffuser, usually I will get very chronic headaches, but if I use Zen Plus, my headache will reduce a lot.

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Get your SoothOil Zen Pack and eliminate all stress & migraine all at once!


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Ong Boon Keng

I bought SoothOil Zen Pack 3 weeks ago, never regretted it. I used to get serious migraine and sometimes can't sleep for the whole week. Luckily, SoothOil Zen Pack helped me overcome it a lot.

Like  Reply ● 16 mins ago

Winnie Leong

I understand how crazy this is, most people just thought migraine come from stress. But some are brought down from genetics, just like mine... Sometimes when I get migraine, I feel like my whole world is falling!

I'm glad you found a way to manage it..

Like  Reply ● 7 mins ago

Hazim● Valued Contributor

Where did you buy yours?

Like  Reply ● 3 mins ago

Ong Boon Keng

I bought mine here:

Like  Reply ● less than 1 min ago

Daniella Hafizah

Thanks! I've ordered mine!!

Like  Reply ● 3 hours ago

Pei Li

do they really work?

Like  Reply ● 7 hours ago

Sofia Nurfarizah● Valued Contributor

Migraine is not curable, if you have it, you have it. Even if you go to doctor, they will probably give you some parasols, and ask you to take a leave or rest.

Although you really should take a rest, when you have migraine.

My point is, SoothOil Zen Pack works as a calming agent, using natural herbs and flower ingredients to help you relax your nerves, that's how it "manages" your migraine. I highly recommend it.

Like  Reply ● 57 mins ago

Tengku Ahmad Hisham

I called their customer support yesterday, they are very friendly, and shared to me some of the benefits of essential oil. I might try out some once I get my salary this month

Like  Reply ● 3 hours ago

Vichy Karam

I bought something similar like this for my husband last year. Everytime he starts feeling headache, he will rub some on his forehead, and he will feel much better for the entire day. I guess they are selling something similar to this...

Like  Reply ● 1 day ago

Aishya● Valued Contributor

All the best to your husband my friend!

Like  Reply ● 1 day ago

Edward Toh

As long as they are using pure and natural essential oil, then you can safely try them.

Like  Reply ● 2 days ago

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