Essential Oil Inhalers

Essnetial oil inhalers are made using pure essential oils.

It helps by increasing focus and productivity.

The EASIEST Way To Boost Productivity At Home

Work From Home With 100% Productivity.

✅ 100% Natural Essential Oil
✅ Plant-Based Essential Oils
✅ Safe For Nose
✅ Boost 8x Focus
✅ Enhance 360% Productivity
✅ Suitable For Work & Study

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How Does This Amazing SoothOil Inhaler Works?

It flows directly into nasal tract.

SoothOil Inhalers are made using all natural essential oils from plants only. Essential oils such as peppermint and lavender have several health benefits for its users.

Upon inhaling, the essential oil particles flow directly from the nasal tract into our lungs. It will then directly enhance the essential oil benefits by activating the "Neuro-Transmitter" in our brains.

Activating the "Neuro-Transmitter" is the key.

Our brain receptors are constantly transmitting data nodes to our entire body. By inhaling a certain concentration of essential oil into our body, the oil particle flows into our blood stream and enters our brain.

The particles will bind carefully with our receptors, further activating it and boosting up our focus. The boost would sustain in our body, not just providing extra focus, but also 5.6X extra productivity - a perfect hack for all workaholics.

"I Worked 3 Years To Discover This Ultimate Formula"

Dr Chang was one of our leading members to make effort for the discovery of SoothOil Inhalers. As an Aromatherapy Specialist in Singapore, Dr Chang wanted to make good use of pure essential oils by making it easy for the public.

Dr Chang: "My daughter was studying really hard for the exams, and she couldn't bare the stress. She left the world with my wife and I. I hope to help more children like my daughter, and this is my mission."

Since after he lost his daughter due to high stress environment, Dr Chang was determined to create a device useful to reduce stress, especially for students. He spent the next 3 years working on essential oil formulas, and finally creating SoothOil Inhalers.

A Guarantee From Dr Chang

Dr Chang: "We tested this on 15,706 students across Malaysia and Singapore, and it turned out that 91% of them reported to have SIGNIFICANT boost in their focus and productivity. I'm very satisfied with my breakthrough."

"It will work if you do it right, and I can guarantee that," he added.

Dr Chang boast to have extra 5X focus and productivity after using SoothOil Inhalers. His breakthrough was, by inhaling a certain percentage of pure essential oils, the particles would flow into our bloodstream and all the way into our brain. This would then activate our "Neuro-Transmitter", hence boosting our focus and productivity.

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Syazwani, 25

"Musim PKP ni memang susah. Kelas online ngantuk je. Nasib baik ada SoothOil Inhalers ni. Skrg saya dpt fokus je dgn lebih baik. Peperiksaan nk dpt A pun tak susah lagi. Hehe.."

Pavithra, 29

"Work from home is really very boring, sometimes I feel very tired and lazy. Luckily I have SoothOil Inhalers. I have been using this for 3 months, love it soooo much! Guess what, I just got my bonus because of my outstanding work performance!"

Derrick, 27

"I really hate MCO. I cannot focus at home. Sometimes I feel very sleepy. Good to have SoothOil Inhalers, because it helped me a lot in my work. Right now, I can finish all my works before 5pm, and my supervisor bought one set too! Thank you~"

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