Note: SoothOil's Delivery Is Still On-Going As Usual
Note: SoothOil's Delivery Is Still On-Going As Usual
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SoothOil Anionic Nebulizing Diffuser

SoothOil Anionic Nebulizing Diffuser

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We produce our product by using two laws of nature, the Bernoulli's law of fluids and Lennar ion effect, simultaneously. At normal room temperature, the pure essential oil will be dispersed and atomized by air pressure under the Priciple of Vibration Atomization. It can release active molecules without adding heat to the essential oil, which could not only be able to preserve the benefits of essential oil, but also better purity as it diffuses into the air.


Do NOT use  carrier oil or diluted essential oil for this diffuser. It might destroy the mechanic inside.


Weight: 700g
Dimension: 8.5 x 21.5 cm
Input: 240V
Output: 12V, 20mA, 4W
Capacity: 20mL
Material: Beech Bottom + Glass Body

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