Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon is well-known for its citrus flavor and smell. It could be easily found in markets nowadays, and people often squeeze the inner fruit to make pure lemon juice, mainly to cure sore throat.

Lemon essential oil, however, is obtained from cold-pressing the lemon peel, not the inner fruit. It is a good antioxidant and the citrus aroma greatly boosts one's appetite too!

The Uses of Lemon Essential Oil:

Lemon Essential Oil is famous for its teeth whitening property and its ability to restore skin complexation.

For some instance, people add a few drops of essential oil in their meal not only for extra flavor, but also to help in digestion too.

Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and coughing could all be reduced or soothed using the oil.

When Should You Use Lemon Essential Oil?

When you're coughing a lot:

Don't get us wrong here. If you're coughing, please DO NOT drink and ingest the oil to reduce coughing. Instead, mix 2 drops of lemon essential oil with half a tablespoon of coconut oil, and gently rub them around your neck, especially the front part. It'll sooth your neck and reduce coughing.

If you're looking for a teeth whitening solution:

We all know how important it is to keep our teeth white. A nice smile with white teeth immediately increase the physical attractiveness of the person. What makes lemon essential oil so effective in whitening our teeth?

Limonene - a natural whitening and brightening component, found mainly in lemon oil, and it works for skin and teeth. The whitening effect isn't immediate, but constantly applying 2 drops of lemon oil mixed with coconut oil actually helps a lot.

When you're having nausea:

Inhale the lemon oil right from the bottle will quickly ease the bad nausea feeling, and keeps you away from vomiting too. You'll get a strong rejuvenating feeling and feel almost recovered by a few inhalation.

If you're looking for natural household cleaning agent:

Lemon essential oil alone is not a strong bleaching agent for household cleaning. However, by mixing 40 drops of lemon essential oil and 20 drops of tea tree essential oil in pure water, you can create a natural cleaning agent that is strong against bacteria that stays around kitchen and toilet area.

Example of Lemon Essential Oil Usages:

  • Add about 2 to 3 drops of lemon oil into a glass of warm water, then drink it a few times a day for weight loss benefits.
  • Diffuse lemon oil to enjoy the citrus aroma around your room, and get some fresh air surrounded around your room.

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